DI.A2016 schwarz

The Mission

The mission of the Design & Innovation Award is to shape the bicycle world in a positive way. It also serves as a forum for creativity, visionary ideas as well as the industry’s most innovative products.

The Experts

More than 40 experts from 10 countries joined this year’s event to test, analyze and judge the best and most innovative products of 2016. Amongst the experts there were international journalists, designers, world cup racers, biomechanics and marketing experts, all joining opinion-leading discussions about the most important topics of today and tomorrow.


The Location

Kronplatz/San Vigilio – Dolomites was the host venue for the Design & Innovation Award 2016 and constitutes the perfect location for the extensive testing process thanks to its richness in world class mountain bike trails (UNESCO World Heritage Nature Park Fanes-Sennes-Prags) and  legendary roads including stages of the Giro d’Italia. The Messner Mountain Museum by Zaha Hadid was an inspiring location for expert discussions, surrounded by the epic mountain panorama.

The Categories

The Design & Innovation Award honors the best road bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes as well as components and accessories of 2016. The Award will be given to class-leading as well as extraordinary products or innovations. The highest accolade, the exclusive Gold Award, will only be given to perfect or game-changing products that have the potential for disruptive changes. .

The Criteria

In contrast to normal group tests the expert panel of the Design & Innovation Award considers far more criteria when judging and awarding the products:

Design & Innovation Award 2018 E-MTB Trends

What will the e-bikes of the future look like? What are the key trends and biggest challenges of the upcoming year?

Design & Innovation Award 2017: Application

This year the DI.A makes a return to San Vigilio – Dolomites, and is set to be bigger, better, more exciting and more varied than ever.

Expert Discussion | Redefine Performance of E-MTBs

What do we need to do to give E-MTBs more performance and make E-Mountainbiking the next big thing?

Expert Discussion | Crossing the Divide between MTB & Road

From the simple bicycle, a plethora of variations has been borne, but are they really so different and is there still something they can teach one another?