Newcomer of the Year: Bold Cycles

Looking at today’s landscape of enterprises, you have those big players with established names, huge resources, and the power to push new trends and new technology – whether it’s good or bad. Then you have those small companies that maybe don’t have the big money, but have a vision and passion. Those that act by conviction, and are crazy enough to fight for their ideas despite a lot of nonbelievers, are those that will make a difference and make change. This is why companies like Google or Facebook are crazy about buying small innovative start-ups;  it’s those individuals and lateral thinkers that personally and radically believe in their work who drive innovation. In 2015, we saw the Swiss company Bold Cycles become one of the most desired brands on the planet – out of nowhere! No one had seen them coming, as only a few people knew their deep technical background and long history in the bicycle industry. As a two-man show (and with enough financial resources provided by the family to support their ambitious goals for the next years without any risk for consumers), designers and owners Oliver Kreuter and Vincenz Droux surprised (and quite frankly shocked) the industry with their innovative internal shock design. On the one side it was the radical bike design, on the other side the modern approach and entire marketing campaign they launched – which as a very small company was more successful than a lot we’ve seen out there in the past few years.

The attention to detail is stunning, marking an incredible debut for the the small Swiss company who are not interested in taking on the big brands, but instead want to offer the consumer something unique and special. The Bold Linkin Trail represents a new thinking, a new level of integration that makes bikes cleaner, simpler, and more aesthetically appealing. This newcomer is definitely a company to watch on both the marketing and (even more) the product side. Never underestimate the people that live their passion and have a clear vision!

About the Industry Award

There are brands, personalities, and event promoters that have achieved exceptional accomplishments in 2015 by questioning and challenging the status quo. Here we are talking about forward-thinking concepts for the sport, product design, or marketing that were surprising and inspiring with the potential to revolutionize specific segments of the industry.
You might ask, why set up these Accomplishments of the Year Awards? Well, we want to honor the accomplishments of teams and persons who are ready to revolutionize the known by creating new formats and concepts. These accomplishments simply don’t fit any category. The Award-winners were chosen by the expertise of the participating international journalists and the expert jury.

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