All Winner 2017 Components (Road)

3T Discus Plus C25 Pro wheelset

The asymmetrically spoked 27.5” Discus Plus C25 Pro wheelset embodies 3T’s ambition to cement the first plus-size wheelset for gravel riding, boasting compatibility with 2.1” wide tires. Drawing on the brand’s roots from both road and trail, the construction of the Discus Plus C25 Pro channels an all-round attitude with a ride highlighting balance, stability, and durability. 30 mm wide and 21 mm deep, they weigh in at 1,700 grams, which is not particularly light, but they possess a robustness and willingness to follow the DI.A crew’s not-always-perfect line choices. The finish is high quality, able to withstand two weeks of intense testing without a single puncture (even when ridden with lower tire pressures). The Discus Plus C25 Pro paves the way for future developments within the gravel-plus world. 650B x 2.1″ = yes, please!

Weight: 1,670 g | Price: € 855