All Winner 2017 Components (Offroad)

77designz OVAL GUIDE chain guide

Oval chainrings are a hot topic once again thanks to mountain biking’s current obsession with 1x gear set-ups. The oval shape claims to be more biometrically efficient than the traditional circular chainring, essentially eradicating dead spots and increasing power transfer and efficiency to new highs. But they also present a new challenge for chainguides. The OVAL GUIDE from 77designz is the very first oval chainring-specific chain guide, solving the issue of keeping your chain secure. It’s well-made, simple to mount, good value and performs reliably, and therefore went down a hit with the entire DI.A test team jury. The ‘front flip’ function – nope, nothing to do with acrobatics – was a standout feature, allowing you to mount and dismount the chain and chainring without needing tools for the chain guide.

Weight: 24 g | Price: € 56.95