Equipment (Road)

ABUS GameChanger helmet

The ABUS GameChanger lives up to its name. The engineers of the German safety and security company dug deep into their box of tricks when creating their innovative, aero-optimized racing bicycle helmet, which is also endorsed by the Movistar team. With a real-world approach, Abus wanted the GameChanger to be great not only in the lab or under ideal conditions, but most importantly out on the road in a broad variety of conditions. Its compact design allows for the lowest possible air resistance from all angles and inclinations – a realistic and important feature for touring and racing. The air vents are designed to make the most of the Venturi effect and provide for a cool head and optimal ventilation. At high speeds the negative pressure creates suction that pulls the warm air out of the helmet. Another innovative highlight is the FlowStraps: these aerodynamically-optimised helmet straps are designed to eliminate that annoying fluttering noise we know from conventional straps, and they’re also easy to remove for washing. Clever details such as stability, structural reinforcement, and an integrated glasses holder impressed our award team and proved that ABUS is a strong player in the innovation game.

Weight: 259 g | Price: € 199.95