All Winner 2022 Urban


The ADVANCED RECO One is nothing less than a revolution in ebike production. The step-through frame of this stylish city and touring bike is made of granules consisting of a carbon fibre reinforced composite material. An injection moulding process turns the granules into a frame in just 90 seconds, made in Germany. However, it isn’t tied to a specific factory or location, thus enabling short transport routes and flexible utilisation of production capacities. The frame comes with a 30-year guarantee and once it reaches the end of its service life, it can be shredded back into granules and made into a new frame. Compared to aluminium frames, the sustainable manufacturing process doesn’t just reduce CO2 emissions, the ride feel of the composite frame also delivers a convincing performance. We were blown away by the cushioning properties of the RECO One frame, resulting in stable and smooth handling and thereby instilling you with confidence aboard the ebike. Suffice it to say the innovative frame is super comfortable!

Price: € 4,299 | Weight: 28.66 kg