Components (Road)

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The extremely exciting looking biturboRoad wheels are the new benchmark for wheel stiffness and weight. With a system weight of just 1,170 g, these solid carbon wheels are built using a monocoque process and are extremely light and stiff. That’s good news for ambitious racers; however, the comfort-seekers among us will find them way too hard to ride on their road bikes. Highlights are the integrated spoke magnet and their extremely precise braking – the stiffness of the six-spoke construction reduces torsional flex to a minimum. The manufacturer claims that the unique look of these aero-optimised spokes ensures silence in windy conditions with a pleasant rolling noise. The German wheelset comes complete with modern standards: it’s tubeless ready and has a centerlock disc mount option. If you prefer riding on wide rubber, you should consider the biturboCross version which is designed for cross and gravel riding and only weighs 60g more.

Weight: 1,170 g | Price: € 3,699