Components (Offroad)

bike ahead composites THEsixspokes biturboRS

First glances confirm just how far-out the biturboRS from bike ahead composites really are. The brand’s unequivocal carbon expertise goes beyond simply the spokes, as they’ve really reinvented the wheel: the monocoque carbon wheels are built with six ‘spokes’ and integrated hubs. So eye-catching that their design verges on show-stealing, these wheels demonstrate seriously high levels of stiffness, which results in precise steering and efficient acceleration – ideal for marathon racers. Their impressive weight contributes to their propensity for speed as well, with the 29er version weighing in at 1,189 g a set; for those who count the grams, this will make the € 3,299 price tag seem more than fair. The biturboRS come in versions that are compatible with all current hub and axle sizes, and are recommended for riders up to 95 kg.

Weight: from 1,229 g (29“, XD, 6 holes, no valves) | Price: € 3,299