All Winner 2019 Equipment (Road)

Bontrager Ballista Road Shoe

With its sleek looks and seamless upper material, Bontrager’s Ballista Road Shoe isn’t just for purists. The positioning of the Boa IP-1 twist lock with two-way adjustment in the heel area of the shoe also makes sense from an ergonomic point of view: quickly reach down and with one twist of the hand the shoe is tightened for the final sprint. Due to its generous padding and the absence of a second Boa closure, the shoe is very comfortable but could be problematic on very narrow feet. The so-called “Heel Reel,” a scaly fabric in the heel area, grips to your feet and keeps the shoes in place, which, together with the stiff carbon sole (Bontrager Index 12 of 14), increases the efficiency of the power transmission.

Weight: 453 g | Price: € 249