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Bosch eBike Uphill Flow Trail

eMTBs have revolutionized the industry! Not only are they bringing a breath of democracy to how mountain bikes are experienced, they’re also a major factor in how much fun one has on the climbs. Having recognised the potential, trail building extraordinaire Diddie Schneider teamed up with Bosch to create a world first with the eBike Uphill Flow Trail in MTB ZONE Bikepark Geißkopf in Bischofsmais. With a mix of berms, flow sections and wooden features, this e-mountain bike-specific trail carves its way up 280 vertical metres on the mountainside. The result of deploying an e-bike’s power on this purpose-built trail lends itself to a new challenge and a new understanding of the term ‘fun’. Alongside the predominantly mellow main line, other trails branch off regularly to add optional technical elements for experienced riders. The Bosch eBike Uphill Flow Trail is the embodiment of what opportunities have been unleashed for trail riders thanks to e-mountain bikes. Bike parks and tourist destinations will face an ever growing demographic of performance-focused riders on e-mountain bikes in the coming years. It is certain that the Bosch eBike Uphill Flow Trail is a concept for the future.

About the Award

The Design & Innovation Award is both a seal of approval and the benchmark achievement for the bike industry’s highest-performing products. The Design & Innovation Award is more than just a title-giver or a round of applause for brands. It’s the definitive award that decisively tests products in the real world, assessing them in their entirety and reaching considered verdicts. This year once again saw select international journalists, professional test riders, and industry experts invest more than 6,000 hours of their time to partake in the DI.A process.