All Winner 2019 Components (Offroad)

Brose Drive S Mag

With its combination of compact design, natural feeling power delivery and high performance, the Brose Drive S Mag sets the new benchmark in the eMTB segment. The new drive with its innovative magnesium housing is not only 15 % smaller but also 500 g lighter than the Drive S Alu. With up to 410 % support and 90 Nm torque, the Drive S Mag leaves nothing to be desired in terms of performance and its power convinces on the trail too. What is particularly impressive is how well this powerhouse can be controlled. Thanks to cadence- and torque-dependent response, in the new “Flex Power Mode” the Drive S Mag unfolds its power with a very natural feel, responding even more directly to the rider’s input. Bicycle manufacturers now also have more mounting options with the Drive S Mag giving them more design freedom.

Weight: 2.9 kg