All Winner 2019 Equipment (Offroad)

CamelBak K.U.D.U. Trans Alp

The CamelBak K.U.D.U. Trans Alp is the ideal companion for multi-day rides. With 30 l capacity, an integrated tool bag and a CE Level II back protector, the K.U.D.U. leaves nothing to be desired. The large, comfortable hip belt does three things at once: it keeps the backpack in place, distributes the load over your hips without cutting into your skin and – now for the real highlight – it also compresses the main compartment of the backpack. Despite its size, the K.U.D.U. is very comfortable to wear. Smart details such as the rain cover or the helmet and pad holders underline its versatility. The CamelBak K.U.D.U. Trans Alp is not only limited to mountain bikers but thanks to the cleverly designed battery compartment it is suitable for eMTBers also.

Weight: 1,725 g | Price: € 240