All Winner 2017 Urban

Canyon Urban 8.0

Today’s crop of urban bikes are more than just tools to move; they are status symbols, design statements, and expressions of a green energy lifestyle. The days of bikes purely as a mode of getting you from A to B are finally over, which we feel is fortunate – as it’s unlikely that the Canyon Urban 8.0 would have seen the light of day without this change in mentality. Leaving its rivals trailing in its wake, this bike delivers an outstanding performance and the ultimate good time by combining a clean and concise design with impeccably integrated components. The bike’s intention of being ridden in the urban jungle is revealed through its easy-to-service belt drive, comfortable seatpost, and the security-minded anti-theft devices on the seatpost clamp and axles. Stylish, carefree, quick, and comfy, the Canyon Urban AL 8.0 ticks all of the boxes for a modern urban bike.

Weight: 10.43 kg | Price: € 1,799