Components (Road)

Continental Grand Prix 5000

The Continental Grand Prix 5000 is the successor to the Grand Prix 4000 S II, continuing a great legacy – there was hardly another tyre quite as widespread. A direct comparison shows that the Grand Prix 5000 is much more comfortable than its predecessor. More comfort for the rider also means more speed: if you can stay in an aerodynamic position for longer, you stay fast for longer. And if you’re cornering faster, you’ll need more grip to control the bike. The uniform distribution of grip allows the Grand Prix 5000 to corner in a predictable and good-natured manner, thus instilling the rider with confidence. Further testing will have to show how the Conti performs when it comes to puncture protection; so far the air has remained inside the tube. For tube-haters, the Grand Prix 5000 is also available in a tubeless version.

Weight: 215 g | Price: € 62.90