Equipment (Offroad)

Crankbrothers Klic Floor Pump

Floor pumps with an additional boost canister are the most practical way to pump up tubeless tires at home, and the Klic Floor Pump from Crankbrothers is an elevated take on this procedure. This premium pump is built with a modular system so it’s versatile and easy to use. On occasions when you don’t need the boost canister, you can simply attach the hose directly to the pump and eliminate the work of charging the canister before inflating the tire. Another option is to pre-charge the canister and simply stow it in the car while leaving the rest of the pump at home. Either way, the individual components are connected via magnets, making a resounding ‘Klic’ when attached… hence the name. With top-end quality, the Crankbrothers Klic Floor Pump is irrefutably the market’s most practical tubeless pump.

Weight: 3.44 kg | Price: € 229