All Winner 2017 Equipment (Offroad)

Deuter Trans Alpine 30

The Deuter Trans Alpine has long been considered THE backpack for mountain epics – and rightly so. Its impeccable manufacturing and consistent improvements year upon year are an open book as to why the line has been so successful. Visibly flaunting its practicality, the new functional-looking Trans Alpine 30 bears the same high production quality and is packed with clever features like a rain cover, wet clothing compartment, and a removable pad to sit on. Thanks to the complex rear design, the backpack retains a great fit regardless of how loaded it is with equipment, and the Airstripes cushioning with ventilating channels ensures there is great airflow around your back. It’s no surprise then that the Deuter Trans Alpine 30 is still the benchmark when it comes to adventures across the Alps.

Weight: 1,249 g | Price: € 129.95