All Winner 2017 Components (Offroad)

DVO Diamond Boost fork

Coming in bronce-brown, the DVO Diamond Boost teams outstanding damping with a stiff chassis that provides a ton of tire clearance for wide plus-size tires or tackling really muddy conditions. For riders who prefer to dial in their perfect suspension characteristics rather than make do with pre-installed settings, this heavyweight Diamond (2,244 g) comes with so many tuning options that it’s definitely worth a look. Special mention has to go to the inimitable OTT ‘Off the Top’ set-up, which the DIA jury were stoked to ride – this lets you easily adjust the negative air spring and tune the fork’s sensitivity. Properly set-up, the fork keeps glued to the ground and soaks up big hits with ease.

Weight: 2,244 g | Price: € 1,049.99