Equipment (Offroad)

Dynaplug Air Tubeless Tire Repair Tool

Innovation comes in many forms, like a design that combines proven concepts to create something new. The Air Tubeless Tire Repair Tool from Dynaplug is a compact tubeless repair kit that includes a CO2 cartridge. Easily the most rapid way to repair a tubeless flat while out riding, you simply insert the plug into the site of the puncture and inflate your tire with the cartridge at the same time. Then simply remove the tool and enjoy the newly repaired tire – the plug stays in place to seal the puncture and you can keep riding. Set to wow more than just racers, the Air Tubeless Tire Repair tool weighs just 21 g and displays great craftsmanship. For those dubious about spending close to € 75, Dynaplug have alternative price-point options with the same premium performance, although you’ll forsake the practicality of the CO2 cartridge.

Weight: 21 g (excluding cartridge and replacement parts) | Price: from € 74.90