All Winner 2017 Components (Offroad)

EightPins seat post

The EightPins seat post from this Austrian start-up heralded a new era of dropper posts, marking a drastic change in the landscape by relying on the frame seat tube as its outer chamber. The EightPins, which works with mechanical stops, becomes an integral part of the bike, although it is only compatible with a specific type of frame. It saves substantial weight, looks super tidy and is able to offer up to 220 mm of drop with 6 steps, which can be adjusted regardless of the set height. The super compact, well-positioned remote lever controls the seat post with minimal effort, prompting the seat post to glide smoothly in and out of the frame. An innovative concept at its core, the EightPins is setting new standards for weight, performance and versatility.

Weight: from 430 g | Price: from € 548