All Winner 2017 Urban

Elby 9-speed

The Elby 9-Speed doesn’t just rely on its distinctive and well thought-out design to garner praise – its performance is up there too. With a BionX motor integrated into the rear wheel, this city bike whizzes powerfully through the streets, cleverly recharging energy when braking and going downhill (increasing its arguably more-than-adequate range). The design palette draws on aspects of performance and leisure, adding strong lights for great visibility and an easily readable display.
Elby have also adopted a commendable and innovative sales concept, which gives you the choice to collect the bike from your own local dealer, in person from a distributor, or even have it delivered in a personalized package to your door. This final option sees a road-ready bike delivered that asks for nothing more than screwing on the pedals and straightening the bars.

Weight: 25.40 kg | Price: € 3,299