All Winner 2017 Components (Road)

ENVE SES 4.5 AR Disc wheelset

The SES wheelset from ENVE have nailed the elusive sweet spot between aerodynamics, a wider rim width (31 mm up front, 30.5 mm in the back), and low weight (1,583 grams w/ Chris King R45 CL hubs). More specifically, they’re the result of pioneering legwork in the aero-plus segment of the industry. The DI.A crew rode the SES wheelset on a myriad of bikes, each time reaching the same conclusion: across the board, the bikes accelerate quicker, rode with more agility, and were less susceptible to crosswinds (when compared to other similar wheels tested). The front rim’s shallower rim depth of 49 mm effectively reduced wind influences, while the deeper 55 mm rear rim depth keeps it aerodynamic. Ask us, and this wheelset looks likely to be one of the most popular upgrades for riders.

Weight: 1,577 g | Price: € 3,200