All Winner 2019 Components (Offroad)

e*thirteen TRS Plus 12 Speed Upgrade Kit

The idea behind the e*thirteen TRS Plus 12 Speed Upgrade Kit is upcycling, which is easy on both the environment and your wallet. The kit consists of a cassette, a chain, a shifter upgrade and all the necessary tools. This allows you to convert your existing 11-speed SRAM drivetrain to a 12-speed with a little elbow-grease and manual skill. At 511%, the lightweight TRS Plus cassette offers the largest gear range currently available on the market – also compared to other 12-speed cassettes. You only need to replace a few components on the rear derailleur and on the trigger. After a successful conversion, the e*thirteen TRS Plus 12-speed kit convinces with precise and fast shifting. The feel of the trigger is unusual at first but in no way disturbing. By improving the chain line and with the new chain the entire drivetrain becomes noticeably quieter. Upgrading high-end 11-speed drivetrains, in particular, is an economical option with e*thirteen’s sustainable TRS Plus 12-speed kit.

Weight: 730 g | Price: € 299