All Winner 2017 Equipment (Offroad)


While it might sound like a poor throwback from the ‘90s, this EVOC HIP PACK RACE fortunately has very little in common with the earlier decade’s trashy bumbags. The DI.A test team were astonished by the comfort of the hip pack and the high quality of production, although that’s admittedly pretty typical for EVOC. The hip pack has a 3-litre volume, with room for a 1.5 litre bladder and your ride essentials. The best thing, however, is that it creates that sacred backpack-less state of riding and still gives full freedom to throw yourself around on the bike. While arguably at its securest on flow trails, the hip pack lacks some of the stability given by a lightweight backpack on more burly trails. There’s no risk of your lower back over-heating thanks to the ingenious strap system, and the additional strap to fine-tune the distance between the pack and your back means you can control the interplay of ventilation and fit.

Weight: 507 g (incl. bladder) | Price: € 65 (€ 90 incl. bladder)