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As an Italian brand best known for their lightweight enduro motorcycles, it’s probably not surprising that FANTIC have borrowed a number of design cues from motorsports with the FANTIC XF1 INTEGRA ENDURO. Most significant is its dual wheel size, as the bike rolls on a 29″ wheel at the front (2.5″ tire) and a 27.5″ wheel at the rear fitted with a super-grippy 2.8″-wide tire. Fittingly specced, there’s a potent rear coil shock, powerful SRAM Code brakes, and downhill-primed geometry. The new Brose Drive S motor delivers a lot of power fuelled by a big 630 Wh battery, so the FANTIC won’t fall short on long rides. The motocross concept works, as the bigger front wheel steers with the utmost precision, and there’s grip en masse from the wider 2.8″ tire out back. It’s a fairly radical approach, but with such confidence-inspiring stability and forgiving suspension, this bike can tackle any amount of technical terrain. With a fun-loving rig like this, no one will mind that FANTIC haven’t tried to hide their motocross roots – nice one!

Weight: 24.07 kg | Price: € 5,990

About the Award

The Design & Innovation Award is both a seal of approval and the benchmark achievement for the bike industry’s highest-performing products. The Design & Innovation Award is more than just a title-giver or a round of applause for brands. It’s the definitive award that decisively tests products in the real world, assessing them in their entirety and reaching considered verdicts. This year once again saw select international journalists, professional test riders, and industry experts invest more than 6,000 hours of their time to partake in the DI.A process.