All Winner 2019 Tourism

Fiftyten Popup Camper

The Fiftyten Popup Camper is every adventurer’s dream: the customisable body of the camper fits on all cab-and-a-half and double-cab pick-ups, the modular system replacing the vehicle’s standard loading bin. The so-called tray forms the basis of the camper, a flat loading area with storage compartments and airline anchor points, allowing you to transport bulky cargo effortlessly and safely. And then there’s the box, the heart of the system. The box can be customised to your needs, with large doors allowing access from all sides and countless configuration options. The concept is rounded off with an integrated roof-top tent, which can be erected in no time at all and offers a large surface to lie on as well as enough head-room to stand up in the rear part of the camper. Brilliant: the roof-top tent has a large opening so that you can enjoy the warmth of the morning sun on your face while lying in bed! There is a modular bike-rack on the roof of the box. The Fiftyten construction is absolutely suitable for off-road use, causing a great sensation among hikers and bikers during testing and, above all, convincing with a lot of attention to detail. The body is seamlessly integrated into the vehicle – the perfect companion for your next road trip!

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