All Winner 2017 Equipment (Road)

Fi’zi:k Link Bib Shorts

The Fi’zi:k LINK bib shorts are impressive at first feel, with their high-end fabric and construction creating a really good fit. Fi’zi:k uses its well known rider´s type distinction between bull, chameleon, and snake to offer the best fit possible. Marking the brand’s first foray into shorts, the LINK is able to mix it up with the best of the market – especially when it comes to value for money. When used with both a Fi’zi:k and another brand’s saddle, testing revealed there was no real difference in comfort, which is testament to their high standard of protection. The male riders in the DI.A test crew were unanimous advocates of the Link’s comfort, but the bib/saddle/anatomy puzzle is one that each individual ultimately chooses based on their own preferences.

Weight: 177 g | Price: € 299.99