All Winner 2021 E-Mountainbikes

FLYER Uproc6 9.50

With the brand new FLYER Uproc6 9.50, the Swiss brand goes back to the roots of the Uproc eMTB era, delivering a bike that aims to compete with the best performance bikes on the market. At high speeds, the new Uproc6 9.50 shines with its stable ride and plush suspension. Challenging trails and the steepest downhill sections are turned into your playground. The modern geometry and the high-end spec, which couldn’t be better picked for descending, endow the Uproc6 9.50 with security and encourage the bike to be pushed to its full potential. The package is rounded off by the elegant lines of the frame and the hefty but harmonious proportions, which make the eMTB look just as impressive as it is on the trail. The jury is delighted: when the trail points down into the valley, you’re guaranteed pure riding excitement with the Flyer Uproc6 9.50!

Price: € 11,099 | Weight: 23.8 kg