Road Bikes


With their new PROJECT Y, the people at FOCUS have taken a pioneering leap forward presenting the first electric road bike with a Fazua motor. The excellent integration of the motor in the carbon frame superbly reflects the bike’s refined handling characteristics. The remote control unit on the handlebars, however, doesn’t exactly live up to the rest of the bike – and the motor performance isn’t perfect yet. (The motor software will receive an update before going into serial production in spring 2018.) The overall concept still managed to impress our award team. The PROJECT Y opens up new possibilities of extended adventures, conquering new summits, acting as a fitness leveller, or serving as an optimal training tool for the pro rider who wants to complete basic training units on hilly or mountainous terrain. Sporty riders will be about 35% faster in the mountains when using the highest support level at a similar pedalling cadence – leaving more time for a nice espresso (or a pint).

Weight: 13.70 kg | Price: tba