After the FOCUS JAM² was met with acclaim for its ride capabilities, FOCUS have now launched a longer-travel model called the SAM² that shares many of the same features like the optional T.E.C. extra battery and the F.O.L.D. rear end. The SAM² takes it up a notch, with a plush 170 mm of front and rear suspension to raise the bar when the gradient goes down. It’s a superb E-MTB with such a balanced handling package that it’ll be a hit with newbies and pros in equal measure. At high speeds the SAM² keeps planted to the trail with full confidence thanks to its modern, aggressive geometry and sublime suspension. This comes at no cost to its playfulness either; for any post-work ride, this is a bike that’ll blow your mind (and shed your workday stress) with its liveliness, largely thanks to the lightweight battery. When longer rides are on the agenda, it’s so easy to add the spare battery that it’s a no-brainer. The best of both worlds!

Weight: 20.92 kg | Price: € 7,699