All Winner 2021 Components (Offroad)

FOX 38

The new FOX 38 fork is the current cutting edge in terms of suspension performance for single crown forks. It doesn’t just wow with its wider and stiff chassis but makes use of the extra volume to integrate new technologies that make the ride even better. As such, the lowers have additional oil and vent channels to allow the fork to perform even more sensitively. The air spring has been decoupled from the stanchions to reduce friction under braking and the further refined GRIP2 damper delivers more tuning control than ever before. Despite all this, FOX have managed to simplify setup with an easy to understand guide, so that riders will be able to use all the performance the fork has to offer. If you’re looking for the current best suspension fork for full-on enduro racing or your eMTB, you’ll find it here!

Price: € 1,589 | Weight: 2,213 g