All Winner 2021 Components (Offroad)

Funn Equalizer

FUNN’s Equalizer stem provides a clever tuning option for your bike cockpit without changing the reach and at the same time provides cleaner cockpits with less spacers. The special stem provides 10 mm rise in its normal position, but flip it over and it lowers the bars by 10 mm. This additional way to optimise your riding position will offer bikers who have been limited in their choice of fitting models to make more bike options suitable to them. That’s only underlined by the numerous versions of the stem in different lengths and bar diameters. The handlebar clamps are screwed so that they only need to be tightened on one side with the appropriate torque. In addition, helpful laser markings, as well as the easy adjustability of the part all make it very user friendly. The high-quality finishing of the CNC machined stem rounds off the package and makes the Equalizer stem the best option for fit-constrained bikers.

Price: € 65 | Weight: 135 g