All Winner 2019 Equipment (Offroad)

Giro Privateer Lace

The Giro Privateer Lace is a robust and comfortable trail shoe for daily use. The laced version is the logical evolution of their popular Privateer shoe. Although the Privateer Lace’s stiff sole allows it to transfer power to the pedals in the best possible way, it can also be worn comfortably on longer rides. This is not least due to the extremely conformant microfibre upper and the high-quality footbed. The curved shape of the sole and the grippy knobs make hike-a-bike passages a lot easier. It offers plenty of grip on the most common pedals while small pedals without a platform don’t poke through the sole. The Giro Privateer Lace is the ideal companion for long rides as well as after work blasts.

Weight: 706 g | Price: € 139.99