All Winner 2017 Equipment (Offroad)

Giro Switchblade MIPS

At the intersection of style and safety, the new Giro Switchblade brings good looks to your lid and rocks up as the first-ever helmet with a removable chin guard that meets the ASTM norms for downhill helmets (even without the chin guard). No tools are needed to attach or take off the chin guard, and once you’ve nailed the skill, removal and attachment takes mere seconds while the helmet remains on your head. With or without the chin guard, the Giro Switchblade, which features the MIPS protection system, delivers the same extensive sense of safety offered from a downhill helmet. It’s the first 2-in-1 helmet that essentially solves the hankering for a second helmet – however, its versatility does come at the cost of minor compromises to ventilation.

Weight: 974 g | Price: € 299