All Winner 2020 Equipment (Offroad)

Granite Stash Tool System

The Stash Tool System makes use of the space inside your steerer tube and handlebars and converts them into a practical tool storage unit, making a backpack redundant. What’s special about this system is that it allows you to store your multitool inside the steerer tube without having to cut a thread into your fork, which is likely to void the manufacturer’s warranty. Installation is quick and easy and the system is compatible with pretty much any suspension fork. Granite also offer a kit of special end caps, in which you can store a tubeless plug tool (including plugs), a chain tool and chain lock right inside the bar ends. The multitool includes six different Allen keys, a T25 Torx key, a slotted screwdriver, a valve-core remover and three different spoke keys. The Stash Tool System from Granite is a sophisticated, high-quality multitool at an attractive price and acceptable weight.

Weight: 127 g multitool including steering tube mechanism / 48 g chain tool / 42 g tire plug tool | Price: € 86 (complete set)