All Winner 2020 Technology & App


Thanks to Greyp’s smart ebike technology, concepts such as A.I., gamification of bikes, video live streaming and augmented reality are no longer a vision of the future in the bike industry. In terms of connectivity, the Croatian bike and tech manufacturer pulls out all the stops, using its Central Intelligence Module (CIM) and eSIM to keep the bike online at all times. Moreover, Greyp also offers a separate app with a number of helpful functions including navigation, fitness tracking, video streaming, data analysis and basic functions such as speed and battery status. Alternatively, the most important data can be viewed on an integrated display. All ebikes with Greyp technology can communicate with each other, linking real-life cycling experiences with the virtual world and creating new opportunities – in other words, a huge, life-sized playground. Greyp’s successful attempt at implementing vehicle-to-vehicle communication in the cycling sector is innovative and trend-setting, to say the least.