All Winner 2021 E-Mountainbikes


The Haibike AllMtn 7 focuses on the real-world requirement of technically-minded eMTBers and at € 6,199, offers a well-priced and attractive carbon eMTB that seeks to stand out from the masses. With the Yamaha PW-X2 motor, you’ll benefit from powerful assistance even at low cadences. This seeks its equal on the uphills yet remains easy to control. The overall concept of geometry and motor, including the well-judged automatic mode, turn the bike into a mountain goat that isn’t afraid to attack the steepest of slopes. On the downhills, the bike imparts a feeling of confidence and convinces with its good-natured handling that makes it easy to ride. The striking design uses elements typical of Haibike’s popular Flyon range and mirrors the powerful character of those ebikes: unmistakably Haibike. Part of the bike concept is the Modular Rail System, which makes it easy to mount bottle cages and tool bags to the frame. That means it isn’t just the best-riding Haibike of all times but with its wide range of applications, its diverse qualities and its attractive price-performance ratio, it will appeal to beginners as well as experienced riders.

Price: € 6,199 | Weight: 24.0 kg