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Hiplok Z-Lok

Light, affordable, and damn practical: the Hiplok Z-Lok are essentially reusable cable ties with a reinforced steel core that can be locked with a key. While not intended as an alternative to a proper bike lock, these € 10 locks are a robust, versatile solution for occasions when you may want to lock your helmet to your bike, or just as additional security to add to your main bike lock. Highly affordable, they can relieve a decent portion of stress while you nip into the bar to buy a post-ride beer. With no excuses that they won’t fit in your backpack or jersey pocket, the Z-Lok designs from Hiplok give peace of mind. They also come in a combi version for anyone who prefers not to use a key – just as compact and light as the key version, but secured firmly with an integrated combination lock.

Weight: 36 g | Price: € 17.99 (twinpack, without key-clip)