All Winner 2017 Components (Offroad)

Huck Norris

Some inventions come with so many blatant benefits that you wonder why no one has ever thought of them before – the Huck Norris is a prime example of this. At around 80 grams, this plastic foam ring comes in three widths and fits both 29″ and 27.5″ tires. You simply put it in and it effectively protects your rims from dents and reduces the risk of burping. It works so well that you can ride tubeless with an even lower tire pressure or even a lighter carcass, plus glean more grip. While the € 79 price tag may seem steep for the Huck Norris, you’ll reap the rewards with each rim that it brings back from the brink of destruction.

Weight: 165 g | Price: € 79.00