All Winner 2019 E-MTBs

Husqvarna Hard Cross HC 9

Husqvarna is one of the newcomers to the eMTB industry and has already garnered a lot of attention in its first year on the market, not least because of its long history in other segments. Husqvarna attaches great importance to uniqueness in design and brand recognition – very sexy! The most eye-catching element of Husqvarna’s bikes is the mounting of the motor, the so-called Skeleton Interface. Instead of hiding the motor inside the frame, Husqvarna proudly displays it, thus presenting an exciting alternative to established designs. The Hard Cross HC 9 feels at home on all kinds of trails with its 180 mm of travel and lots of reserves. It also inspires less experienced riders with a great deal of confidence in demanding terrain, allowing them to push their limits. Good spec and a fully integrated 600 Wh battery round off a fantastic overall package.

Weight: 24.75 kg (size L) | Price: € 7,199