All Winner 2017 Equipment (Offroad)


While the previous ION K_PACT kneepads were way beyond adequate, the latest drop from ION, the brand new K_PACT_AMP, are even better. Thanks to ride-proven SAS-TEC padding and tip-top production quality, these protectors satisfy the stringent EN-1621 Level 2 norms, with the 3D-shaped material ensuring a stable and comfortable fit. For longer rides with a ton of pedaling, the K_PACT_AMP are on the warm side, but fortunately the addition of the new side zips means the pads can be removed with ease (without even taking your shoes off). The DI.A test team were stoked to see that the zips didn’t impact comfort in the slightest, and the K_PACT_AMP sit snugly and friction-free on even the most sensitive knees.

Weight: 566 g | Price: € 99.95