Equipment (Offroad)


The iXS CARVE Evo+ represent a heavier-duty version of the FLOW Evo+, which have also been awarded at the DI.A. Slightly burlier with additional side protection, these also feature an extra Velcro strap. Taking the same revised materials, the CARVE Evo+ also benefit from improved ventilation and comfort. Durability remains a focus, and these embody a high-quality production that leaves no question marks. Lightweight and slim, don’t be surprised to forget the presence of the CARVE Evo+ while riding. The flexible Xmatter padding, great fit, and grippy silicone inserts fit comfortably around the knee, remaining in place no matter how much exertion you put into those pedals. By fulfilling the EN1621-1 protection standard, they take a load off your mind so you’re able to concentrate on what really counts: the ride.

Weight: 424 g | Price: € 99.90