Equipment (Offroad)

iXS FLOW Evo+ Knee

Just when you think a former test winner can’t get any better, iXS introduce the reworked FLOW Evo+ kneepads and exceed expectations once more. Their latest model is an elevated take on the former one, deploying refined materials that further improve the ventilation and comfort of these protectors. Lightweight and well constructed, these knee protectors meet the stringent EN1621-1 certification for protection while still keeping a low weight. Thanks to their compact, barely-there design with flexible Xmatter padding, they cling comfortably to your knee like a second skin. They are so inconspicuous, in fact, that you forget you’re wearing them even while pedalling for long stretches. It all goes back to the great fit and silicone grippers that keep these worthy protectors in their tip-top position.

Weight: 288 g | Price: € 79.90