All Winner 2017 Equipment (Offroad)

iXS Flow Upper Protective Vest

A massive boon for the protector market, the iXS Carve Upper Protective Vest is so comfortable and unobtrusive that you virtually forget you’re wearing it while riding! The achingly high level of comfort has been achieved through certain design features: its X-Matter protector insert relies on the rider’s body heat for a satisfying amount of flex meaning that it fits snugly onto the back; iXS have placed comfort-enhancing elasticated materials in key places, like on the zips; the shoulder pads are ideally positioned, meaning the rider’s freedom of movement isn’t hampered; then there’s the generous vents and breathable material that regulates and optimizes your body’s temperature. In terms of safety, iXS have naturally gone all in, seeing this super lightweight vest (just 600 g in a size S/M) meet the strict EN1621 Level 2 standards, which renders it the ultimate choice for trail and enduro riders who think that a bit of back protection won’t go amiss.

Weight: 596 g | Price: € 149