All Winner 2021 Equipment (Offroad)

Kids Ride Shotgun Front Mounted Child Bike Seat

The Kids Ride Shotgun child seat opens up a new dimension of family fun. With the seat mounted in front of the rider, your child can be an active part of your tours, while you’ll be able to experience their enjoyment at close quarters. The special bars offer a mountain bike position for small and large riders alike. The simple mounting concept ensures that the Kids Ride Shotgun child seat can be mounted to most mountain bikes without any issues and can be removed again without a trace. The seat and position can also be adjusted to grow with your kid, guaranteeing shared riding experiences for many years to come. Thanks to the affordable price and good compatibility with most mountain bikes, this is a particularly easy way to introduce your child to the world of mountain biking. The jury is unanimous. There’s no better first step into the world of mountain biking than the Kids Ride Shotgun child seat.

Price: seat: € 155, bar: € 40 | Weight: 2.3 kg