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Knog PWR Modular Light System

Not your average bike light, the PWR Modular Light from Australian brand Knog is a clever bit of kit that shows how far flexibility can take nighttime illumination. At the heart of the design is a battery (available in three different capacities) that also serves a charging port for your smartphone and the like via its USB port. Once you’ve chosen the battery, three different light heads are available with outputs up to 1,800 lumen and with two mounts for helmets and bars – the PWR Modular Light system can comfortably be set up to meet any circumstances. An app will soon be launched that controls the brightness and therefore allows you to optimise running time depending on your specific needs. Regardless of which set you begin with, the Knog PWR system is a high-quality light system that will keep step with developments going into the future. And, compared to the current options, it’s simply unparalleled in terms of its flexibility.

Weight: kit from 150 g | Price: kit from € 99.99