Mountain Bikes

Lapierre PRORACE 929 SAT Ultimate

The Lapierre PRORACE 929 SAT Ultimate ushers in a new generation of hardtails where unbridled speed doesn’t come with a detrimental effect on comfort. This stems from what Lapierre have dubbed its Shock Absorption Technology, or SAT. Between the frame and the seat there’s an elastomer, which – along with the special carbon lay-up – is able to significantly elevate the frame’s innate damping. As the riding position is fairly upright, the PRORACE 929 SAT Ultimate looks like it’ll be the weapon of choice for mountain bike marathons and long rides, but its scope goes way further than that: not only is it comfortable, but the PRORACE 929 SAT Ultimate is also a mean downhiller. Unlike many other purebred XC bikes, this Lapierre hardtail has stability and control in abundance. With the own-brand chainguide (including an integrated SRAM PowerLink for repairs), it displays valuable know-how from the French brand and nicely rounds out what is already a great package.

Weight: 9.51 kg | Price: € 4,999