Equipment (Offroad)

Leatt DBX 2.0 Helmet

The latest chapter in the story of Leatt, the DBX 2.0 embodies their principles like no other open-faced helmet, coming in at the intersection of the ultimate protection with the fairest price. Retailing at just € 119, the 300 g helmet comes with all the relevant safety-enriching features that were once exclusively the preserve of pricier models. Most notably, the DBX 2.0 features the brand’s own 360° Turbine technology, which is claimed to both minimize rotational forces in the event of a crash while vastly increasing protections with its energy-absorbing material. Instead of sacrificing safety elements, Leatt chose to forsake bonus features like the luxury of an adjustable visor (but it is detachable). Highly comfortable with outstanding value for money, the Leatt DBX 2.0 is an admirable option for safety-conscious mountain bikers.

Weight: 300 g | Price: € 119