All Winner 2020 Components (Offroad)

Mac Ride child seat

With the Mac Ride seat, kids sit on the top tube of their parents mountain bike and become their trusted co-pilots, which is lots of fun, especially off-road! With their hands on the bars and a dominant riding position, your pups will learn the basics of mountain biking while having a great time. In the meantime, the position of the seat ensures balanced weight distribution and controlled handling for the main rider. The seat has no safety belt. Instead your child sits right in front of you, safely tucked inside your arms. A silicone seat that resembles a horse-riding saddle the rubber stirrups and the hands on the handlebars provide good freedom of movement and control. This high-quality, well-made child seat attaches by the headset and seat tube, loading the bike responsibly with your child’s weight and is suitable for almost any mountain bike. It is also compatible with a dropper post and carbon frame and is incredibly easy and quick to install and uninstall. The position of the Mac Ride seat can be adjusted, which translates into tons of MTB fun for two- to five-year-olds.

Weight: 1,633 g | Price: € 216