All Winner 2017 Components (Offroad)

Manitou Mattoc Pro 2

The Manitou Mattoc Pro 2 delivers a hell of a performance for a very fair price. With 160 mm of travel, the air-sprung forks rely on the Dorado and feature the MC2 damper, which enables high and low speed compression set-up, plus their HBO adjustable hydraulic bottoming-out protection. Those who love to twiddle with their suspension will have a field day with this fork, as there’s the Infinite Rate Tune cartridge aftermarket upgrade that allows you to separately dial in the spring rate to improve the fork’s performance even more. The Mattoc Pro 2 exceeds the standard set by its excellent predecessor, and enters the market as a wallet-friendly attractive to the regular suspects.

Weight: 1.873 g | Price: € 749