All Winner 2023 Components (Road)


The MIVICE M080 rear hub drive combines powerful support with a slim overall package and light weight. The entire system tips the scales at just 2.5 kg and has a compact outer diameter of 108 mm and as a result, the motor disappears almost unnoticed behind the cassette. Despite its discreet appearance, the motor still delivers a whopping 40 Nm of torque. On steep climbs, where other hub motors tend to feel weak at low speeds, the M080 pushes powerfully ahead. The overall positive impression of the motor is rounded off by MIVICE’s sophisticated ecosystem, which includes different battery options, first-class remote and display haptics, and a high-precision torque sensor in the bottom bracket. Thanks to the interaction between the powerful motor and sensor, the MIVICE M080 always delivers its power sensitively, perfectly adapting support to the current riding situation. As a result, MIVICE overcame many of the technical limitations of hub drives, giving bike manufacturers more freedom with the design of discreet and lightweight ebikes for urban mobility.

Weight: 2.5 kg